How We Serve


Aesthetic and Home Improvements, Storm Protection, other alterations or removals of your trees.



Let our pruning and removals team bring an acrobatic materials engineering lab to your yard. Enjoy the show or trust that our safe and scientific approach will leave your property the way you wanted. We excel at technically difficult trees but our competency extends to all aspects of tree care.

Because trees compartmentalize decay and do not heal, it is especially important for long term health that they be pruned correctly. A certified arborist is trained in tree anatomy and physiology. There are a host of objectives our clients want to achieve through pruning. Standard corrective pruning eliminates deadwood and improves the architecture of your trees by removing, crossing, rubbing, and parallel limbs.


Canopy Reduction

(not topping!) mitigates the effects of storms by decreasing lever weight and sail area, while maintaining your trees' architecture. Wind tunnel research has confirmed that this approach to pruning absolutely has the most profound effect for safeguarding against failure. The same experiments discovered that techniques that lift or open trees  can exacerbate storm damage (interior and lower limbs act as vibration dampeners that stabilize trees in high winds). That being said, sometimes lift pruning creates a view, opens a walkway, allows more light to turf and garden areas, or provides building clearance, and is the best choice.


Ornamental Pruning

is used when shaping plants, improving floral displays, and maintaining hedges. Fruit production can also be enhanced in quality, quantity, and ease of picking. Finally, co-dominant stem subordination is preferred when a single apical leader is desired, yet more than one is growing. This can have both aesthetic and structural implications. Subordinating a competing leader is gentler on the tree's physiology and can encourage it to become a branch instead.


Urban Timber Salvage

There is no better source of environmentally friendly local lumber than from your own trees. Discover the qualities of unusual specimen lumber not found in forest lumber yards (e.g. yellowwood, amur cork tree, sycamore, sassafras, butternut). Keep the sentimental value of your trees by preserving their legacy in your next project.  We can facilitate the harvesting and milling of your special specimens.


While a typical initial site visit involves a quote for physical work to be completed at another time, consultations are often a product themselves. Municipalities, home owners' associations, and other discerning commercial or residential property managers often look for total impartiality by hiring us as a third party advocate for their trees. Color coded hazard tree assessments and inventories accompanied by a map and numbered descriptions aid commercial and large property owners in making informed and prioritized decisions.

Well cared for trees can contribute up to 15% of a property's value. When trees are damaged (e.g. car accidents, excavation equipment) Limbwalker's certified arborists can help with partial and whole tree appraisals Occasionally our customers are involved in disputes with neighbors or insurance agents and require a professional letter to establish a clear stand.

Finally, Limbwalker can help with your small woodlot management strategy by optimizing biodiversity, spacing, tree quality, number of wildlife users, agroforestry objectives, mulched pathways, and any other plan you can conceive.

Stump Grinding

Let our two self propelled stump grinders help you reclaim yard and garden space. Stumps can act as nest sites for carpenter ants and termites. Many deciduous species continue to sprout once they are cut down. Stump grinding eliminates the platform and energy reserves that enable sprouting, meaning no maintenance afterwards. Stump grinding quotes can often be given over the phone or email, without a site visit. Inform us of species, size, approximate age (of stump, not tree), how many roots need to be ground, and we will give you an instant quote. A grinder works as carbide teeth bolted on a steel flywheel carve pieces of wood on each revolution, leaving a pile of mulch mixed with dirt and pulverized stone. Typical bids assume the customer will deal with this pile themselves. Mulch removal, top soiling and grass seeding involve additional charges.


Firewood and Woodchip Mulch


Limbwalker tries to keep a supply of seasoned split 16" cordwood on hand at all times. Standard delivery options are:

  • 4 face cords (1 1/3 cords of 171 cubic feet) for $300.

  • 7 face cords (2 1/3 cords of 298 cubic feet) for $525.

  • We can also deliver unsplit green logs or rounds for substantially less money.

Woodchip Mulch

Standard delivery for 14 cubic yards (4-4.5 tons) of wood chip mulch is $125. Bulk discounts apply. Mulch is free to customers at the time of service; please let us know in advance so we don't schedule a delivery following your work. Seasoned mulch is occasionally available starting at $20 per yard.